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Responsible for details relating to media ownership, publishing and responsibility regarding content and editing of pages with the domain name is

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ermann
University of Graz
Department of Geography and Regional Science
Heinrichstr. 36
8010 Graz

The images used on this website were created by Emiliano Serreli by using photos owned by

  • Paul Eder
  • Kasimir Szarawara
  • David Steinwender
  • William Seitter

The texts on our homepage are checked carefully before they are disseminated. However, we hold no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness or validity of their content. We, therefore, can in no case be made liable for errors or omissions of any kind. Links to external sites have also been selected with care. Since the University of Graz has no direct or indirect influence on these sites, we are in no way liable for their content. We can not be made liable for any false or missing information.
Errors excepted.

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