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Excursion to the Wine-Region of Southern Styria, September 22

The bus will stop at three pick-up points:

11 a.m. at the main train station in Graz, (Hauptbahnhof)

11:30 a.m. at the Graz airport

12:00 p.m. at Seggau Castle.

Detailed excursion pick-up info

The excursion is a one-day tour of Southern Styria’s wine region (Südsteirische Weinstraße), and allows participants to experience the food and wine of the region firsthand. During the bus trip between the various stops of the tour, participants can enjoy the region’s gorgeous scenery of beautiful winding hills and vineyards.

The first stop is at “Genussregal“ in Vogau, which is a wine and food exhibit that displays diverse high-quality food and wine products from around the region. The exhibit also highlights the different local farming methods used for food and wine production. There will be a guided tour of the exhibit, which includes some special attractions, such as a chocolate-fountain and the “Sulmtaler Chicken“, a recently rediscovered and highly prized chicken breed. The exhibit tour will conclude with a winetasting to sample some local wines.

The next stop will be at Tauss, a biodynamic winery in Leutschach. There will be a guided tour of the winery’s facilities and vineyard, which will last about two hours and should be of high interest for oenophiles. The novel tour includes participants taking soil samples of the vineyard. At the end of the tour there will be another winetasting for participants to sample Tauss’s impressive wines.

The final stop of the excursion is at a buschenschank (a tavern that serves locally produced wine and food) at the Schauer winery in Kitzeck for dinner. The food that is typically served at a buschenschank is traditionally a meal of cold cuts and bread called jause. The menu will mostly feature a generous selection of highly prized dry-cured meats and delicious homemade bread, but there will be a vegetarian option as well.  Dinner is included in the cost of the excursion, however drinks are not included.

After dinner, the bus will shuttle participants back to Seggau Castle, sometime between 7-8 p.m.

Excursion cost: € 45

Those participants wishing to take part in the excursion must pay an additional €45 during registration



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